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Eva Gutowski Fires Off at Photoshop


Eva Gutowski Fires Off at Photoshop

“At your core, you are beautiful and solid JUST the way you are.”

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and just thought “#GOALS!” about a celebrity’s photo? Whether their outfits were incredibly on point, their skin looked perfect, or their all-star squad was enviable, – it’s easy to think everything about a star’s life is just 100% more glamorous than our own.

And while we must say that YouTuber Eva Gutowski’s Instagram is one of the most #Goals-worthy feeds around, she used her latest post to get real with her followers about why she’s not into making her life look better with FaceTune and Photoshop.
“Sometimes we get caught up in seeing so many people on Instagram look so good- after the photo goes through photoshop, facetune, butt implants, lip fillers etc. – and I’ll think to myself, ‘That photo looks so hot, do I need to do that to feel confident?’” Eva wrote.
“But I’ve been 100% grown by God since i popped out of the womb, and for me, rocking what i’ve got is enough. Not photoshopping myself is ok with me,” she shared. “I could have made my butt 3x bigger in this photo and my stomach 4x smaller and my nose shorter and a dolphin jumping from the ocean and y’all would have NEVER known, but this is me and i love myself and my body and the way it moves, even if Instagram could make me look ‘better’ by someone else’s standards.”
Eva loves changing up her look by experimenting with different hairstyles and fashions, but she says she loves all that most because it’s temporary.
“It’s fun to change it up; I wear colorful wigs and try new makeup looks every day! But always remember that at your core, you are beautiful and solid JUST the way you are, all the other stuff is just fun background noise,” Eva shared. “Don’t ever feel like you ‘have’ to alter yourself to progress or “keep up” because you as yourself is enough. Ok that’s all ????.”
Eva’s photos are still stunning, but we love her even more knowing they are a completely real representation of her!

Watch our interview below, where she spills on her new book and #Friendship411!

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