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The “Picture This” singer gets personal, revealing her musical side & thoughts on beauty.

Longtime fans of Annie LeBlanc remember the days when she was first a gymnast, then a vlogger. And over the past year, Annie’s showcased her innate acting abilities on Brat’s hit series, Chicken Girls and A Girl Named Jo. But this summer, Annie’s songwriting skills are on full display with the release of her latest single, “Picture This,” which garnered over one million views in less than 24 hours.

In Part 2 of our exclusive cover story, Annie’s sharing not only her musical side, but also some incredible words of wisdom that will truly inspire you.

When she first decided to try singing, Annie wasn’t so sure about how it would go. But since she’s all about taking chances and trying new things, she went ahead and did it. “I just loved it,” she smiles.

Annie released a few songs and covers, but “Picture This” is particularly important to her because it’s her first co-writing credit.  “I’m always writing,” she reveals. “Every night I’ll go up and play my piano and jot lyrics down.”

“Picture This” was inspired by something that anyone with an Instagram account can relate to. “You know when you see someone and you think, ‘we’d look good together,’ and then they’re all over your Explore page the next day?” she laughs. “And you’re like, ‘Wait. What just happened?!’ That’s what ‘Picture This’ is kind of about.

With over nine million YouTube views, “Picture This” is one of the most popular songs of summer, reaching a level of success Annie couldn’t believe. “We worked really hard on it,” she explains. “I knew my fans would support me because they’re the best ever, but I was just hoping they would like it. Seeing their reactions is the best feeling ever. They’re amazing.”

And she wants those fans to know that they’re not just amazing; they’re beautiful. “I feel like people are making it harder and harder to be confident in themselves because they think it’s weird,” she says. “They’re like, ‘No, I’m not beautiful.’ She’s beautiful.’ No, you’re beautiful.”

It’s not always easy, even for a superstar like Annie. “To be honest, being confident in yourself is something you need to work hard on,” she shares.

“You have to tell yourself, ‘Yes, I’m confident in how I look.’ And you just have to make sure that you keep saying that to yourself. And once you keep doing it, and once you forget about what everybody else is telling everyone about you, you’re happier, and the world is happier, and you’re beautiful.


Photos by Joe Magnani

Styling by Robiat Balogun

Hair by Sabrina Porsche

Makeup by Marlaine Reiner

Special thanks to Megan Trevino at Status PR



Top by Chiara Ferragni, Skirt by Asos

Earrings & pink ring by Tarina Tarantino, Bracelets by Lulu DK, Gold ring by Gabriel New York

Belt by Melamed, Socks/Shoes by Lulus


Jacket, Skirt & Shoes by Asos

Top by Fashion Union 

Earrings/Rings/Hair Pins by Tarina Tarantino

Bracelets by Lulu DK

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