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Jules LeBlanc and Lily Chee Reveal Their At-Home Workout Routines


Jules LeBlanc and Lily Chee Reveal Their At-Home Workout Routines

We know, we know, working out is hard. And finding a workout routine that’s right for you is even harder! Exercise is all about trial and error, but that can be really confusing if you’re new to it. We can all agree that life would be way easier if the best thing we could do for our bodies included sitting on the couch and binging Netflix, but the truth is that proper exercise really does make a difference in our overall wellbeing.

Fitness isn’t about being a certain size or looking like anyone else, it’s about feeling good. Just 30 minutes of movement a day can improve health in ways you might not even realize. When our bodies are active, everything from mood and productivity to digestion and physical strength function better.

However, we know that getting started finding your perfect workout routine can feel overwhelming. How do you know which equipment to use? How long should you stretch for? When do you know if you’re pushing yourself too hard? These are all valid questions!

Luckily, Jules LeBlanc and Lily Chee get it too. The Brat stars shared their workout routines on YouTube to give fans a little inspiration and most importantly, motivation. Give both routines a try and see which one works best for you!

Watch Jules do her simple at-home routine:

Get your Million Dollar Baby on in the gym or at home with Lily’s killer boxing routine:



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