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EXCLUSIVE: TBSC’s Claudia Spills on the Cast’s Group Chat

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EXCLUSIVE: TBSC’s Claudia Spills on the Cast’s Group Chat

The cast of “The Babysitters Club” aren’t just BFFs on the show. They bonded offscreen before production even began when they all found out they booked the parts in the audition room. “Even before that, we totally clicked, but that was a huge bonding moment,” Momona tells YSBnow exclusively.

Momona sat down with us virtually to talk about the cast’s close friendship and she even spilled some secrets fans don’t know about her castmates! Find out which of the girls is into boxing, who the best thrift shopper is, and more.

Since the show wrapped, Sophie Grace, Shay Rudolph, Xochitl Gomez, Malia Baker, and Momona Tamada have stayed in touch and talk every day.

“We have a group chat and I bet they’re texting on it right now,” she laughs. “We all live pretty far away from each other so it’s hard to see them, but like I said, we’re always FaceTiming and texting once a day.”

Watch the exclusive interview now:

Momona also spilled five things you might not know about her exclusively to us. Watch:

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