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EXCLUSIVE: “Upside Down Magic” Stars Spill Friendship Advice


EXCLUSIVE: “Upside Down Magic” Stars Spill Friendship Advice

Disney Channel’s new original movie “Upside Down Magic” is full of epic special effects, hilarious characters, and BFF goals. The movie stars Siena Agudong and Izabela Rose as Nory and Reina, two best friends with magical powers! When they head to magic school to train their powers, not everything goes as planned.

YSBnow caught up with Siena and Izabela virtually to talk about how Reina and Nory’s friendship conquers all in the movie and they spilled their best advice for making good friends.

In the movie, Reina gets accepted to the honors program at school, but Nory is faced with an unfortunate challenge. It can be hard to be supportive of a friend when you both share the same dream, so we asked the girls how to deal with that IRL.

Watch the exclusive interview here:

Don’t miss the premiere of “Upside Down Magic” July 31st on Disney Channel!

Izabela and Siena also gave us the behind-the-scenes scoop on the stunts in the movie! Check it out:

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