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EXCLUSIVE: Watch Our Livestream With Karan Brar


EXCLUSIVE: Watch Our Livestream With Karan Brar

Karan and Natasha discuss Vanessa Hudgens, Thai food, and the new season of Bunk’d.

Karan Brar has to be one of the nicest and coolest kids we’ve ever gotten the pleasure of working with. When he was in our prom shoot, we had a blast hanging out with him and saying that he was easy to work with is an understatement. He’s a delight to have in any room and we’d bring him back every week if we could!

Yesterday we sat down with Karan to answer YOUR questions (thanks for sending those in by the way!) and we talked about everything from our favorite foods to driving to getting recognized on the street.

Watch the full livestream below and don’t forget to catch Bunk’d on Disney Channel!

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