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A Music Mag Misquoted Shawn Mendes In A Cover Story & He Isn’t Happy About It


A Music Mag Misquoted Shawn Mendes In A Cover Story & He Isn’t Happy About It

When a relatively new artist like Shawn Mendes scores the cover of a major music publication, it’s a pretty big deal. When a reporter is writing the story that corresponds with any cover shoot, he or she generally spends quite a bit of time with the celebrity.

However, the celebrity has no final say in what’s actually written.

At YSBnow, we like our stories to be inspiring and show celebrities for who they really are, but for a lot of other publications, they’re looking for a line that will generate a lot of attention – and most of the time, it’s shocking or negative.

This JUST happened to Shawn Mendes. The cover line to his story reads, “Shawn Mendes Opens Up About How His Fans Don’t Truly Know Him.” Okay, what?!

We’ve spent a lot of time with Shawn, and if there’s one thing he talks about more than anything, it’s how *MUCH* his fans know him and love him, how it’s amazing to share this connection with so many people, and how he would be nowhere without the incredible support of his fans!

Shawn took to Twitter to voice his frustration:

Aw! Sorry, Shawn. Hopefully, in the future, mainstream reporters will “Treat You Better.” In the meantime, your fans have got your back!

UPDATE! The cover line has since been edited to read: “Shawn Mendes Brings Back Hunky, Guitar-Strumming Sensitivity.” Damn! Don’t mess with the Mendes Army!

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