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Fifth Harmony’s Normani Is STILL Being Targeted By Racist Online Bullies


Fifth Harmony’s Normani Is STILL Being Targeted By Racist Online Bullies

Even after taking a break from Twitter, she continues to be attacked

Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei embraces positivity and girl power, but despite her upbeat energy and nature, continues to be targeted by sick, racist Twitter trolls. After taking an extended break from the social media platform, Mani chose to return and is now sharing her horrific experience. “There are now people creating Photoshopped pictures of me getting beat as if I were a slave back in the day,” said Normani of the cruelty she’s endured at the hands of her harassers.

She’s dealt with this unfair treatment and hate for years, but things became too much after a misunderstanding with so-called fans after a Facebook Live interview in August. When Normani called group-mate Camilla Cabello “very quirky,” the internet trolled Normani’s feed with racist remarks. Normani said that it was “really scary,” especially because the trolls attacked her grandmother’s page, as well.

“I felt a lot more present not always looking to see what people were saying about me,” she shared. “It was a relief.”

Fortunately, Normani’s friends and fans continue to stand by her side. Keke Palmer, Zendaya, and others rallied together to support her, even showcasing supportive signs at her concerts. This outpouring of kindness and support encouraged to go go back online. “You can’t allow someone’s hate to dictate your life,” she explained.

    Normani says that she wants to “be the voice for those people who are going through the same thing, like little African American boys and girls getting bullied at school.” The brave star created the hashtag #ImACybersmiler, providing a platform for others to share their own stories and experiences with cyberbullying. 


We love you, Normani!

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