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#FlashbackFriday: R5’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations!


#FlashbackFriday: R5’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations!

This band knows how to celebrate!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, party people! We don’t know about you guys, but when we think of this festive holiday we think about our fave peeps, R5! If you guys are part of the R5 Family, you definitely know about how much the band loves to celebrate St. Patty’s! Riker once told that they have “Irish in us so we do love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.” One thing’s for sure, we love seeing how they celebrate the big day! 

We put together a few photos from their past couple St. Patty’s Day festivities, so make sure to check them out below!

Isn’t Rydel just the cutest?!? Last year the band played a St. Patrick’s Day show, but Rydel made sure to get some super adorable themed selfies backstage!

We don’t know about you, but going to an R5 show + Lucky Charms sounds like the BEST COMBO EVER!!

Back in 2015, the fam made sure to keep the festivities going all weekend! First things first, they made sure to stop by and get some shamrock shakes!

They also celebrated the big night by going out to an awesome concert AND getting to sit on the stage during the show!! Can that happen to us at an R5 show?!

Rydel said that was the “BEST St. Paddys day” of her life, but the party didn’t stop there!

They also had a themed bash to celebrate their fave holiday!

Even mom Stormie gets in on the action! Stormie loves her aprons, so we loved that she was able to match one for the special occasion!

We can’t wait to see the photos from this year’s celebration! We know they will be going to see their baby bro Ryland play a show, so we bet it will be a fun night!

If you want to celebrate the special occassion like a Lynch, make some Shamrock Shakes, courtesy of Rydel!

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