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#SecretMenuSaturdays: Olive Garden


#SecretMenuSaturdays: Olive Garden

It goes way beyond the breadsticks, y’all!

It’s Saturday, so you know what that means… we’re back at it again and finding you secret menu items from some of the most delicious restaurants! Hopefully, you’re in the mood for some yummy Italian, because today we’re bringing you Olive Garden goodness!

1. Olive Garden Stuffed Ravioli

Cheesy. Yummy. Stuffed. Goodness. Sign us up!!! With this secret menu item, just ask your server if you can add in a veggie or meat of your choice to their regular cheese raviolis creating the ultimate dish!

2. Olive Garden Sampler Italiano

If you are always indecisive about what to order, then this secret menu item is perfect for you! Unlike some restaurants, Olive Garden will allow you to mix and match your sampler plate. So basically you get the best of both worlds!

3. Olive Garden Zeppoli Dipping Sauces

If you do not know what a zeppoli is then you are totally missing out. You definitely should go to Olive Garden today to order this delicious dessert! Olive Garden’s signature zeppoli is fluffy Italian doughnut-like dessert covered in powdered sugar and served with a chocolate dipping sauce. For those of you who are not chocolate lovers, don’t fret! Ask your server to substitute the chocolate sauce for their alternative dessert sauce!

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