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#FreeFifthHarmony: Camila’s Exit, Lauren’s Words & What’s Next


#FreeFifthHarmony: Camila’s Exit, Lauren’s Words & What’s Next

A look inside the world’s hottest girl group

In the summer of 2012, Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Ally Brooke Hernandez, and Dinah Jane Hansen blew judges away with their solo auditions during Season 2 of The X Factor. Producers, however, saw more potential in a group effort and they became LYLAS.

Fans immediately fell in love with their incredible harmonies and amazing personalities, and the girls (then named 1432) eventually decided on a more fitting name: Fifth Harmony. They finished in third place, but would go on to become the most successful act from all three seasons of the American series.

2016 has been their hottest year yet. But last night, Fifth Harmony’s official Twitter account stated: “We have been informed via her representatives that Camila has decided to leave Fifth Harmony. We wish her well.”

According to, a source stated that on December 18, Camila’s 5H contract ended, which allowed her to leave. That timeline would make sense if the girls signed a four-year contract after advancing to the finals of The X Factor (If you remember, The X Factor finale aired on December 19 & 20 of 2012.)

Shortly after the news of Camila’s departure broke, audio leaked of a clearly upset Lauren talking about how hard they work without seeing anything.

She’s not being dramatic – she’s right. Let’s talk about some of the expenses incurred by Fifth Harmony:


  1. X Factor continues to get a cut, particularly from sponsorship and merchandise revenue. Just Google “X Factor contracts” to get an idea.
  2. Management – 15-20%
  3. Booking agent – 10%
  4. Record Label
  5. Lawyers
  6. Business Manager
  7. Publicist
  8. Tour Manager
  9. Travel Expenses – hotels, flights, car service, etc. It’s important to note that aside from Ally, they were all minors during the series, which means that legally, they had to travel with a parent at all times, and also have tutors travel with them on the road.
  10. Stylist Fees + travel
  11. Hairdresser Fees + travel
  12. Makeup Artist Fees + travel
  13. Backing Band Fees + travel
  14. Security Team + travel
  15. Songwriters
  16. Producers
  17. Studio Time
  18. Music Video Production Costs

Now, subtract all those numbers from what you imagine 5H has made in 4 years. Then divide it by 5. Then subtract at least 25-30% from that number for taxes. And now, you’ll understand why Lauren’s upset.

Is their record label bad? No. Is X Factor bad? No. Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the business for a pop act coming from a reality show.

Here’s what we can definitively tell you:

DO NOT let the present situation or any tabloid headline diminish Fifth Harmony’s incredible accomplishments – personally or professionally.

Fifth Harmony will go down in history as one of the best girl groups of all time. They’ve swept global music awards and performed for millions of fans across the world. Two of their music videos have surpassed a BILLION views on YouTube. Both as individuals and as a group, they’ll each go on to do remarkable things.

Remember – Ally Brooke weighed just 1 lb. and 6 ounces when she was born. At just six, Camila escaped Cuba with the clothes on her back to start a new life with her family in America. Lauren’s parents immigrated here, too. When Normani was nine, her family lost their home in Hurricane Katrina. And just five years ago, Dinah was living in a four-bedroom house with 23 family members.

They’ve each spent their entire lives persevering through the toughest times overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

This time around won’t be any different.

Camila put it best in her statement today: “I want to lead by example when I say to each of you to be courageous in the pursuit of what makes your heart pound and what makes you come alive with purpose,” she wrote. “New chapters are scary, but conforming to what’s safe and looking back with regret is even scarier.”

We’ll always support Ally, Camila, Lauren, Normani and Dinah, and we wish them all the best in this next chapter of their lives and careers. 

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