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#MusicMonday: Our Top 10 Rock Vids of 2016


#MusicMonday: Our Top 10 Rock Vids of 2016

From Pierce The Veil to Melanie Martinez, you’ve gotta see our faves

By Shannon Roberts

Without a doubt, 2016 slayed in the music department. These artists released insanely catchy songs their accompanying music videos were the cherry on top, bringing the songs to life in the most creative ways possible. Some made us laugh until we completed an ab workout. Others inspired us to truly love ourselves. Needless to say, we’re hyped to see what 2017 has in store. But while we’re still in 2016, here are top 10 of our favorites of the year.

1. They’re onto us. We LOVE talking about these four boys!

2. Don’t worry, these rockers aren’t going anywhere in 2017:

3. What’s better than Falling In Reverse? Falling In Reverse featuring Papa Radke on a motorcycle!

4. The Maine taught us some pretty killer dance moves in this vid:

5. Set It Off has us starting 2017 totally fearless!

6. Can’t leave off our two favorite Heathens:

7. Melanie Martinez reminded us that we’re so beautiful now!

8. Don’t lose yourself – hang out at the waterpark with these champs!

9. Pierce The Veil showed off their acting skills during a hotel stay:

10. And we’ll make sure not to look back in 2017:

What were your fave rock vids of 2016? Tweet us @ysbnow!

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