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Hit These 5 Hollywood Hotspots For a TikTok Star Sighting!


Hit These 5 Hollywood Hotspots For a TikTok Star Sighting!

From Charli and Dixie D’Amelio to Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn, so many awesome creators have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any opportunities to actually meet your faves in person since live events and tours are on hold until it’s safe to do so.

But if you find yourself in Los Angeles, here are 5 eateries where you’re bound to run into your favorite TikTokers like Noah Beck and Josh Richards — and where you won’t have to pay a hefty meet & greet fee for that quick selfie!

Saddle Ranch

  • Located on West Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip, this Western-themed restaurant serves huge BBQ platters and Instagram-worthy desserts like S’mores and the biggest cotton candy bouquet you’ve ever seen!
  • TikTok stars *love* this place and due to its open layout, are constantly filmed by paparazzi while they’re spending time here:


  • Also located on the Sunset Strip, this steakhouse is always packed with TikTok stars, but be sure to bring your wallet: The cheapest steak on the menu will set you back $47 — and that doesn’t include sides!


  • Another high-priced steakhouse that’s always swarming with paparazzi and social media stars is Mastro’s in Beverly Hills. You’d also be likely to spot more mainstream music and movie stars here!

Il Pastaio

  • Just two blocks from Mastro’s is this upscale Italian eatery, frequented by Charli and Dixie D’Amelio:

Crave Cafe

  • Head over the Hollywood Hills and into the Valley and visit the very first favorite eatery for social media stars – going back to the Vine days: Crave Cafe!
  • While there are two locations on Ventura Boulevard, the Studio City outpost is the most popular one. The ACE Family even worked there for a day!

Have fun and good luck! If you end up snapping a selfie with one of your faves, be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can add it to our story!

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