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Inside Dove Cameron & Her Family’s Christmas in New York City


Inside Dove Cameron & Her Family’s Christmas in New York City

See why it was a beautiful, full circle moment!

Two weeks ago, Dove Cameron opened her first New York City musical, playing the iconic character of Cher in “Clueless.” 

The accomplishment was even more powerful after Dove posted this throwback photo of her and her sister Claire, taken during their very first visit to New York City:

“So, this is weird to say, but: my first ever show premiered in New York tonight,” writes Dove. “I’m now home, emotional, looking at this picture and crying, sitting on my couch, and eating for the first time in nearly 12 hours. For as many times as I imagined my life turning out like this, I never really BELIEVED that my life would turn out like this. or, maybe I did.”

“Childhood fantasy is hard to define and discern. But here is a photograph of me (10) and my sister (17), together and seeing Times Square for the first time ever,” she said. “Me, swearing up and down that I would be one of the people on these marquees one day. collecting every @playbill that I could find, never thinking that one day I would be on the cover of my own.”

Dove is proof that when you work hard and dream big, anything is possible! And if you have dreams of being an actress like Dove one day, we have to recomend her mom’s amazing new book, “Young Hollywood Actors,” which features in-depth interviews with your favorite stars, like Brenna D’Amico, Cameron Boyce, and of course, Dove!  

Dove, her mom, and sister, Claire, braved the cold and reunited for an epic Christmas together in New York City – and snapped this adorable pic!

How sweet are they? Merry Christmas, Dove, Bonnie, and Claire!

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