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Iskra Lawrence Shares Her Advice on Creating a Workout Routine That Sticks


Iskra Lawrence Shares Her Advice on Creating a Workout Routine That Sticks

The model shares how you can make a light fitness schedule part of your day!

If you have ever tried to start up a new workout routine, you may have started out strong. Maybe you made a New Year’s Resolution to start waking up at 5 AM and getting a jog in before the sun comes up. Or maybe you planned to hit the gym for Zumba classes with friends four times a week. And as great as those intentions are, they tend to fizzle out pretty quickly because it’s the routines themselves are hard to maintain. With homework, clubs, school, and jobs, who has the time?!

But that shouldn’t discourage you from ALL of your fitness goals: and model and body positivity activist Iskra Lawrence has some tips to help. In a new interview with PopSugar, the star shared that she likes working out before she goes to bed at night – and it even helps her sleep better.

“I really love working out in the evening because afterwards, if my mind’s been running all day and then I move my body, both are quite tired in a good way — in an accomplished way — then I go to bed feeling great and I sleep so well,” she shared.

That doesn’t mean you have to pack in exhausting gym routines at midnight or anything, though. Just tuckering yourself out a bit before you tuck in will do the trick.

 “I can do boxing, light cardio, or a little high-intensity workout that just gets me moving, and I just sleep so great,” she shared.

When your workout routine is such a part of your day that it practically becomes your pre-sleep ritual, it’s much easier to stick to.

And creating a workout routine to make you feel healthier and more fit? We’re about it. But working out because it helps you sleep sounder and feel more accomplished? Where can we sign up?

For more fitness tips from Iskra, be sure to follow her inspiring workout Instagram, @everybodywithiskra.

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