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Jack & Jack Cover Story


Jack & Jack Cover Story

Here’s how we’ll be rolling out our epic photo shoot!

Hey guys!

So last Friday, we had an amazing photo shoot with Jack & Jack! Here’s when you can see all the different parts of the day, read in-depth profiles on them individually, as well as check out our cover story on the epic duo. We’re so excited for you to see it all! 

Much love,


Sat. 1/16 – Jack Johnson Individual Profile 

Tues. 1/19 – Jack J Photo Gallery 1

Thurs. 1/21 – Jack J Photo Gallery 2

Sat. 1/23 – Jack Gilinsky Individual Profile

Tues. 1/26 – Jack G Photo Gallery 1

Thurs. 1/28 – Jack G Photo Gallery 2

Sat. 1/30 – Jack & Jack Cover Story

Tues. 2/2 – Jack & Jack Photo Gallery: Part 1

Thurs.  2/4 – Jack & Jack Photo Gallery: Part 2

Sat. 2/6 – Jack & Jack Photo Gallery: Part 3

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