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Get Becky G’s Fitness and Nutrition Tips


Get Becky G’s Fitness and Nutrition Tips

Becky’s Boot Camp Challenges will make you ‘Break A Sweat’

Wondering how the talented singer stays so fit?! Well we were…so we decided to do a little digging! We rallied up a few fitness tips and videos that the beautiful Becky G shared that will help you achieve the ultimate #BodyGoals. So get ready to “Break a Sweat” as you follow along with us!

Throw on your leggings and lace up your sneakers because you are in for a hardcore workout! Becky G and her trainer, Nelita Villezon put together a series of Becky’s Boot Camp Challenges! Check out the video below to crush Week 1’s Challenge!

Think you are up for the rest of the challenges? Check out Becky’s Boot Camp to see all eight weeks of intense workouts!

Fitness is one of the two things that will help you reach your #BodyGoals. Any clue what the second thing could be?! Yup, you guessed it … EATING HEALTHY!

We put together a list of snacks that are beneficial after you get your sweat on in the gym!

5 Smart Snacks For After Your Workout!

1. Protein Smoothie- After a workout your body needs ample protein and carbs to refuel! Start with a foundation of greens, add fruit and yogurt and toss in some ice! Now sip and recover!

2. Peanut Butter and Banana on Rice Cakes- Craving something substantial under 250 cals? Grab two brown rice cakes, 1 tbsp of peanut butter and ½ banana! Enjoy!

3. Hummus and Pita- Protein and carbs, carbs and protein! ¼ cup of hummus with 1 whole wheat pita will keep you fueled for hours!

4. Yogurt and Fresh Berries- Low-fat yogurt can pack up to 15 grams of protein! Throw in some berries and you will be nice and energized!

5. Turkey and Cheese with Apple Slices- Skip the bread and eat the fillers! This is a perfect eat-on-the-go snack after the gym!

Follow Becky’s Boot Camp Challenges, fuel up afterwards on a healthy snack and you are one step closer to achieving your goals! YOU CAN DO IT!

“It’s more than just taking care of your body physically, it’s just as Important to take care of yourself mentally,”the singer said. “Believing in yourself and finding happiness within. Saying you can do it is great and actually doing it is even greater.”

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