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Kendall Knight’s 9 Most Iconic Quotes


Kendall Knight’s 9 Most Iconic Quotes

“Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime.”

Happy 26th birthday Kendall Schmidt!

In honor of Cool Rush’s big day, we are compiling our favorite quotes from his character, Kendall Knight from Big Time Rush–or, as he is more commonly known, Tall, Blonde, and Eyebrows.

1. “Sorry, my dream is to play center for the Minnesota Wild, but I’ll also consider the Maple Leafs.”

2. “Once you’ve sipped from a real coconut, there’s no going back.”

3. “We knocked Jordin Sparks down a well!”

4. “Oh no! Don’t call the police. We’re allergic to police.”

5. “Your rhymes are weak, mine fit like a glove; Gustavo’s got a face only a mother could love!”

6. “No, no, no. You guys are reading it wrong! It says, ‘Adult swim? No, kids allowed!'”

7. “Watching the Pussycat Dolls makes pain go away.”

8. [sung] “Oh, you’re such a turd! Oh yeah, a giant turd! And you look like a turd and smell like a turd!”

And, finally: 9. “Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime.”

Watch our in-depth sit-down interview with Kendall below:

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