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Kennedy Slocum Debuts “Silly Girl” Music Video!


Kennedy Slocum Debuts “Silly Girl” Music Video!

Kennedy Slocum debuted her new song “Silly Girl” on iTunes earlier this month and now we’ve got the video for the awesome track. The actress gave us the exclusive on a fun video she made with her friends and it’s really perfect for our message. Watch the video below to see what we mean.

Kennedy is passionate about the message in the song and it’s really the perfect thing for her fans to hear. “Being a teen in the industry, I’ve frequently been asked questions like “If you had one piece of advice to people watching, what would you say?” Silly Girl is that piece of advice,” Kennedy says.

“My generation is so wrapped around the idea of being like who they idolize, and they forget to celebrate what makes them different. Everyone is “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and that’s an incredible thing. We all have the potential to live a unique and wonderful life being proud of who we are.” 

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