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Kira, Paris, and Lilimar’s 3 Things You Can Do At Home WITHOUT Being Online


Kira, Paris, and Lilimar’s 3 Things You Can Do At Home WITHOUT Being Online

No phone, no computer, no TV and NO problem!

These days it seems like if you don’t have a phone next to you, you might as well be naked. Everyone is looking at their phones during dinner, watching TV instead of having conversations, and even texting other people while engaging in real human interaction!

Today that’s the norm, but it’s also SUPER important to actually engage with your friends and family WITHOUT your phones or computers. It seems hard at first, but once you’re having fun you won’t even notice that you haven’t checked Twitter in three hours.

Did you know that studies say that it’s actually so much healthier for you to not use any electronics two hours before bed?

We asked three of your favorite stars what they like to do at home when they put down the screens, so put down your phones and take some advice from these stars!


1. I know it sounds silly, but I love to color in coloring books or do really complex paint by numbers.

2. You can redecorate your room with DIY crafts!

3. Or if you have a pool go for a swim! 


Paris’s Three Favorite At Home Activities:

1. Read! Whenever I find the time, I love laying in my bed with a good book.

2. Work out! I work out either in the morning or at the end of the day. It makes me feel accomplished or gives me a good start to the day.

3. Cook! It can be tricky but practice makes perfect. I think it’s a lot of fun to make breakfast foods. 


1. Make some crafty things for your room!! 

I LOVE doing this with my best friend. We think of things we’ve seen before on Pinterest and YouTube vids, we get some supplies, improvise, and do them ourselves! Our last creation was little cloud lights! The outside was decorated with a bunch of cotton balls and a little bit of glitter to make it look like a cloud, and inside were LED lights to make it light up! We hooked it up to the ceiling and the result was SO awesome! I feel like doing some cute, creative things by yourself (or with your bff’s) can be super fun! 

2. Some writing time! 

I love having some time to myself, without the pressure of social medias and all that, to just write! I grab my journal, get comfy, and write poems, quotes, or short stories. I think it’s a great way to express myself and let my mind run wild with creativity. I also draw anything that comes to mind. Whether it’s the moon, stars, and planets, or a garden of flowers. 

 3. Spend some time with the fam! 

I’m really close to my family, so it’s always fun to have some time to just talk with them! We’re all pretty much the same person, meaning we all have relatively the same opinions, and we all have the same sense of humor. So we spend time together by telling stories, jokes, and talking about other random things! It’s always a blast with them. 


1. I rarely watch TV and don’t play video games, but I use my computer for my other passion, writing. 

2. When I’m not doing rehearsals with my band, I ride horses with my dad.

3. Also, I have a zipline in my back yard so I love to do that in my past time.

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