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LGBTQ+ YouTubers Team Up For Powerful Anti-Bullying Video


LGBTQ+ YouTubers Team Up For Powerful Anti-Bullying Video

“Reach out for help, that is the bravest thing you can do.”


On LGBTQ+ Spirit Day, several powerful YouTubers came together to make a seriously inspiring video. Neil McNeil, Lush, Will Shepherd, Riyadh K, Ello Steph, Kat Blaque, Tyler Oakley are among those who shared their own experiences dealing with bullies and shared advice for those who are still struggling with bullies in their own lives. “Even though other people try and control you, the only person that can control you is yourself,” said Lush. 


Bullying is a serious issue, and it’s important that everyone knows how to combat the people that try to bring them down. There is always support out there for anyone who needs it whether it be in friends, families, teachers, guidance counselors, or anyone else you trust, there is always a solution. Those in the LGBTQ+ community tend to face bullying more often than the rest of us, which is why coming together for occasions like Spirit Day is all the more important to show that we all love and support one another equally.


Check out the official video below:

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