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Loren Gray Is Making The Perfect Playlists On Spotify


Loren Gray Is Making The Perfect Playlists On Spotify

From chill vibes to exactly what you need for a workout!

Loren Gray is one of our favorite Internet personalities for a lot of reasons, but we’ve just added a new one to the list. Between her epic videos to her YouTube channel, Loren is always delivering content, but now she’s also playing DJ online with some awesome playlists. 

Last summer, Loren tweeted asking her fans to follow her on Spotify:

Since then, she’s created playlists perfect for every occasion, like this super chill playlist called “life is good” full of feel-good tracks:

Or this one which is full of songs to pump you up and have you totally feelin’ yourself:

Her most popular playlist is called “Loren Gray Vibes” and it’s pretty much just Loren’s favorite songs, so if you want to listen to what Loren is currently loving, make sure to follow her:

Thanks for the tunes, Loren!

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