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Lucy Hale Reveals What She Learned After Her Show’s Cancellation


Lucy Hale Reveals What She Learned After Her Show’s Cancellation

Read her emotional goodbye to “Life Sentence” on The CW.


Social media is rarely an accurate depiction of what’s going on in someone’s life. Because of the pressures of curating your “perfect life” on Instagram and Twitter, we often don’t post when something goes wrong. Getting a bad grade on a test or not getting picked for the basketball team isn’t exactly a moment you want to remember, let alone share with the world, but because only our best moments get posted, it’s easy to forget that other people are dealing with moments like that too.

That’s why we’re applauding Lucy Hale for her bravery, honesty, and realness today. Just last year, Lucy’s breakout series Pretty Little Liars ended, but she didn’t slow down at all after leaving Freeform. Lucy has already starred in three movies this year! She took on a new genre in Blumhouse’s thriller Truth Or Dare, she starred as the extremely likable Lily in Netflix’s Dude which you can stream now, and back in March she was in The Unicorn alongside comedian Lauren Lapkus. Lucy had another project come out this year, one that she was excited to share with fans. Lucy played Stella Abbott in The CW’s Life Sentence, a show about a girl who beats Cancer and begins her life after being told by doctors she wouldn’t make it.


Unfortunately despite the series having found a fanbase, the network decided not to move forward with a second season of the show. This happens all the time to new shows and it’s just part of the business, but usually you don’t see your favorite stars posting about it on social media. Well, Lucy opened up to fans and shared her thoughts on the cancellation on Twitter and revealing what she’s taking away from the difficult situation.

Here’s what she said: 

Thanks for getting real with your fans Lucy! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

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