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Meet The Athlete Who Didn’t Let A Spinal Condition Stop Him From Scoring!


Meet The Athlete Who Didn’t Let A Spinal Condition Stop Him From Scoring!

Because teamwork makes the dream work

Gabe Mangus from Southside Middle School in Arkansas took the field for a football game no one would ever forget. Gabe was born with spina bifida, a condition that prevents him from walking. But what’s so amazing about Gabe is that he never let his condition stop him. He’s always there to cheer on his team and gets involved in any way that he can. Gabe’s got so much heart and dedication, his teammates even named him their honorary captain. 

His mother, Jeanne Markowski, tells ABC News, “He loves sports and though he obviously can’t play, he tries to get involved as much as possible and he loves cheering on his teams.”

But for the team’s final home game, they had something special planned. Tyson Franks, the team’s head coach recalled the team saying, “He’s always been here for us and we want to be here for him now.”

On September 24, Gabe’s teammates were ready to see his dream come true. They knew he always wanted to score a touchdown so they told him he’d be going on the field. Gabe was nervous but they motivated him. “They told him, ‘Don’t worry, we got your back,'” said Franks.

And that’s exactly what happened. The team passed him the ball and the rest is history. They pushed him to the end zone. The team was undefeated and scored plenty of touchdowns throughout the season, but Coach Frank said, “No cheer was as loud as the one Gabe got.”

Still in shock, Gabe said, “It was the best feeling I’ve had – ever.”

You can watch the play below. And click the photo below to see 5 more inspirational school sports moments!



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