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OMG: Watch Nia Sioux Make Slime Face Masks!


OMG: Watch Nia Sioux Make Slime Face Masks!

The actress and singer gets messy with Sofie Dossi in her new Nick series

Nia Sioux isn’t just a super sweet friend; she’s also a super fun friend! And she’s showcasing both in her brand new Nickelodeon digital series, Nia Sioux’s Slumber Party. On the first episode, Nia’s joined by her pal, Sofie Dossi. The pair is getting messy – not with gossip, but with SLIME! You can watch below as they concoct their own green gunk face masks!

Laughs aside, what we love most about the show is its mission. “This is a show where I’m going to talk about how to glow up from the inside-out,” says Nia. She even answers advice questions from fans, like how to deal with acne. “It’s part of growing up,” she explains matter-of-factly. “It doesn’t define you as a person at all.”

So true! We can’t wait for more from Nia and Sofie. You can watch the first episode below:

Watch our latest interview with Nia now:

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