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#RealTalkTuesday: Kalani Hilliker’s 6 Best Self-Care Strategies


#RealTalkTuesday: Kalani Hilliker’s 6 Best Self-Care Strategies

The “Dirt” actress is always dishing awesome advice

Whether she’s at home in Arizona or on the set of a Hollywood photo shot, we can always count on Kalani Hilliker to bless us with hilariously relatable tweets:

But Kalani also regularly shares wise words on social media. Like how to mitigate a bad mood with memes:

And the importance of living in the moment:

She encourages us to be patient:

And see the cup as “half-full.”

She stresses the importance of gratitude:

And consistently reminds us of our strength:

Watch two of our favorite interviews with her below.

One is super funny:

And the other is super inspiring.

Thanks for the laughs & wisdom, Kalani!

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