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Piper Rockelle’s “Sidewalk” Music Video is PURRfect!


Piper Rockelle’s “Sidewalk” Music Video is PURRfect!

Piper Rockelle welcomed us into the weekend by dropping her latest music video, “Sidewalk.” From the adorable kittens (she told us on the YSBnow podcast that she actively works with cat rescue organizations) to the inspirational messages written on the sidewalk (“Follow your heart” was our fave!), the music video perfectly captures everything Piper loves. It also features her BFF, Sophie Fergi, and her boyfriend, Lev Cameron. Not only is Piper spreading positive messages about girl power and friendship, but she’s also showcasing the importance of wearing a mask during this unprecedented time.

Watch it now and don’t forget to comment your favorite part!

Plus, Piper recorded a super sweet shout-out, just for YSBnow!

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