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Riker Lynch Has Been Spilling All The Details On R5’s New Music!


Riker Lynch Has Been Spilling All The Details On R5’s New Music!

We will have some new jams coming our way!

Hold the phone! Can you believe it’s been nearly two years since R5’s sophomore album, Sometime Last Night, came out?! The band has been super busy working on other projects, but according to Riker, it seems like the time has finally come for a new album! 

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He’s been hinting on Twitter for the longest time that new music will be out soon, but within the past week we have been getting more info than ever! 

Look below to see what Riker has shared with the R5 Family! 

When a fan mentioned she wanted to hear the new music during their show in July, he said not only will the music be out by then, we will know the songs by heart!

In fact, Riker even spilled that our wait for new music could be over in just the next TWO months!

Although we may have to wait just a few months longer, Riker revealed the title of a new song!

And he revealed that the title for the album has been picked out!

One thing is for sure, Riker is SUPER pumped about the new album!

Make sure to keep your out for Riker’s tweets for more clues about the new album!

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