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Rowan Blanchard Reveals the First Big Purchase She Saved Up Her Money For


Rowan Blanchard Reveals the First Big Purchase She Saved Up Her Money For

Hint: it has something to do with her legendary acting hero, Audrey Hepburn!

Do you ever fantasize about the first big purchase you will make the second you have enough money? You know, whether it’s when you get your first job, or miraculously win the million dollar lottery? Actress Rowan Blanchard just revealed the first item she personally saved up her cash for — and there is an incredible story behind this special token.

The star explained that she purchased an autographed photo, signed by her iconic inspiration, the legendary actress Audrey Hepburn.

“The first thing I ever saved up for and bought for myself, Audrey’s autograph <3 Audrey’s presence on screen has always brought an emotional visceral-ness to me, to be able to witness these dimensional woman characters who weren’t superheroes or even necessarily empowered,” Rowan wrote on her Instagram, sharing a photo of this autographed photo.

Of course, there’s more to Rowan’s story then showing off this cool merch. She was inspired to post Audrey’s photo in part because today would have been the legend’s 89th birthday, but also because the actress makes her think about the kind of film roles she wants to see opening up for women in Hollywood.

“Lately, I get concerned that a sort of recent feminism dictates that what constitutes Strong Women or Strong Female Leads are women who are to a certain extent, are playing men: an empoweredness, a inability to be shaken, maybe even less sensitive and more forceful with their will- while it is cool to see that I guess, I wonder what movies and other types of strong women are being left behind or forgotten as they as they are masqueraded under some sort of non feminist relevance,” Rowan posted. “Audrey’s characters on screen never really had it figured out, sometimes they were selfish, insecure, silly helpless, or maybe even delicate. Her strong softness, (which was influenced by a especially strange and traumatic childhood, and dysphoric body illnesses all her life), reminded me that we do not need to position our softness, our sadness, or chaos or our voidness as in opposition to our feminism, or in what we classify as strong woman leads.”

“Maybe we can work within it, think of it as being more radical to give nuance to and spotlight on the power of watching women think- the endless, fascinating world of our own psyches,” she added. “If we are to describe woman super heroes or assassins or action stars etc as being the only kind of empowered characters, what does it mean for characters like Audrey’s who were just as full if not more so, of the deservingness and nuance to be called strong. Something to ponder about ??<3 Happy birthday Audrey, I love you forever! ??”


You can check out Rowan’s awesome Audrey post below:

Of course, we’d love to see Rowan playing more of these new “strong” roles herself — and we know she will keep having those chances!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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