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Rydel Lynch Goes From Vlogger to Blogger!


Rydel Lynch Goes From Vlogger to Blogger!

The self-described foodie’s new blog

Rydel Lynch has got to be one of the busiest ladies on the planet! If she’s not making YouTube videos or designing new threads for her clothing line, she’s on the road touring with The Driver Era or attending important Hollywood events. Rydel is pretty much always doing something, so we can’t think of a better person to be documenting her life in an online journal.

Yesterday, Rydel announced the launch of her amazingly-titled blog, I Love Everyone and I Love Food in a series of tweets. Check them out:

Congrats, Rydel! We’re so excited to keep up with your adventures.

This seems like a very appropriate time to rewatch the vid we made with her, where we decide which LA burger joint is the best! Check it out:

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