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EXCLUSIVE: We Hit the Studio with Sabrina!


EXCLUSIVE: We Hit the Studio with Sabrina!

She spills on her new single, “Smoke and Fire”

It’s been almost a year since the release of Sabrina Carpenter’s debut album, Eyes Wide Open. And while we love every song on it, she’s definitely lived and learned a lot since she started recording it at just 13 years old. So over the summer, when Sabrina revealed that she was back in the studio and hard at work on her sophomore album, our ears were wide open.

Earlier today, Sabrina released her incredible new single “Smoke and Fire.” Written and recorded after a rough breakup, Sabrina’s raw emotions are palpable in her powerful vocals and impassioned lyrics. Take a listen.

Aside from being insanely catchy, “Smoke and Fire” marks a significant musical growth for Sabrina, and we can’t wait to hear more!

We hung out with Sabrina in the studio yesterday, and she spilled “Smoke and Fire” secrets. Watch below!

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