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The Most Dangerous Real Life Celeb Stalkers


The Most Dangerous Real Life Celeb Stalkers

Imagine that everyone in the world knows your face and your name. Now imagine that, plus the fact that the whole point of your career is to get people to like you, to get people to care about you and adore you. That combined with certain people who can become dangerous and obsessive, is a really scary recipe for disaster.

Many of your favorite celebs have to deal with stalkers on an almost daily basis, especially now that social media makes it so much easier, but some of them have had to take real legal action to save their lives.

So many of these celebs are young women, who in general should be watching out for themselves in this scary world, but even more so when you’re constantly being watched by the whole world. Fame can be a tricky thing, but one thing is certain. Just because someone is a celebrity, does not mean they’ve in any way given away their privacy. 

Selena Gomez

Selena had a scary stalker sitch back in 2014 when a man continued to show up at her house and enter her property. Once he was ordered to stay away from her, he violated that order and went right back to her home. He would go to local Los Angeles spots he knew she frequented, would search online for her recent whereabouts, and would claim that God told him that the two of them were “meant to be” when anyone asked him why he stalked her. He’s currently in jail, but he could be getting out as early as 2016. Yikes. 

Taylor Swift

Tay mostly dealt with this stalker online, but the stuff he was writing about her and the lengths he was willing to go for her are the scariest of all. In January of 2011, he created a Twitter account where he wrote about his love for her. “You’re hot, babe,” he would tweet at her. Seems harmless enough, but then it got really weird. “The name of the name in this NEW topic, is TAYLOR SWIFT. My pursuit of you in ethical, purity, and kindness is NOT a game,” he tweeted just months later. After she released a few more songs about nasty breakups, he used that material in his own tweets to her. “Oh my poor boyfriends treated me badly, WAAAA @taylorswift13 and whine about teenage boys from YEARS ago,” he wrote. But then things got really frightening. After he admitted to being arrested for trespassing, he tweeted, “If a police officer or any person ever would touch or think of touching my wife, kids, I would personally kill them. (legally!),” in March of 2012. He is now legally supposed to stay after from Taylor and it appears to be working, as she hasn’t had to deal with him since. Phew. 

Jennifer Lawrence

J. Law was being stalked by a man named Han Cong Zhao from Canada, a man whom she had never met. He attempted contacting all of Jennifer’s family to get ahold of her, which were later used as evidence that he had legally been stalking her. He constantly alerted her family to the fact that she was “in danger” without saying what the danger was, other than his contacting her repeatedly. He used vague religious references in many of his letters and even wrote to her brother that he, “wouldn’t kill anyone for sure, but that “all hell’s going to break loose,” which is enough to scare anyone. He has been given a restraining order and will hopefully obey it. Poor J. Law!


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