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#TransformationTuesday: Breanna Yde is 16 Today!


#TransformationTuesday: Breanna Yde is 16 Today!

Let’s celebrate by taking a look at her incredible Hollywood journey

Breanna Yde is hands-down, one of our favorite performers. Whether she’s stealing scenes in her new Netflix show, Malibu Rescue: 

Or blowing us away with her vocals and guitar skills –

Let’s be real: Breanna is a bona fide superstar! It’s crazy to think about how much she’s accomplished in just 16 years. Let’s rewind and take a look at how she got here!

While she’s been living in California for most of her life, Breanna was actually born in Australia, and moved to the U.S. when she was two years old.

A natural performer, Breanna made her national television debut in a 2011 episode of “How I Met Your Mother.”

And just two years later, she’d land a co-starring role on Nickelodeon’s “The Haunted Hathaways.”

When that show ended, she started working on another Nickelodeon show, “School of Rock,” which premiered in 2016 and enabled Breanna to showcase her musical side. She even sang for us in NYC!

While her singing voice is super impressive, her speaking voice has also served her well. Breanna’s the voice of Ronnie Anne in “The Loud House” and young Mariah in “Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You.”

In addition to Mariah, Breanna’s found fans in superstars like Drake and Justin Bieber. Both have posted her their Instagram feeds, with Justin predicting, “YOU WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.”

We agree, Justin! But hopefully today, Breanna has some time to celebrate all she is, all she’s done, and all she’ll do. Happy Birthday, Breanna!

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