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Get the Look: Kat McNamara’s Effortless Pony


Get the Look: Kat McNamara’s Effortless Pony

So simple, yet so chic!

Sick of rockin’ the same old hairstyle? Or maybe you love wearing your hair in a ponytail but just need an updated version? YSBnow beauty experts have got you covered!


We are SUPER IN LOVE with this beautiful low ponytail Kat McNamara, star of the upcoming Shadowhunters: Mortal Instruments, has been showing off lately. The best part about it? It’s SO easy to copy. We’ve written out the simple steps below so you can try it out yourself.

1. Fresh out of the shower, brush your hair and begin to let it air dry. While it’s damp, spray a pea-sized amount of styling mousse into the palms of your hands. Rub your hands together, and massage the mousse into your roots. Let hair air dry for another 10-15 mins.

2. Next, part your hair down the middle, pulling out two small sections of hair in the front on each side to frame your face.

3. Use a brush to brush all of your hair into a low ponytail, except the two pieces you sectioned off in the previous step.

4. Secure your ponytail with a hairtie. Then, use both hands to loosen up the sections of hair right near the hairtie. The more hair you pull, the looser and “messier” your pony will be.

5. Lastly, spritz a little hairspray to the top of your hair to hold in place all day and night!

There are, of course, a ton of variations on this trendy hairstyle. Check two of our faves out in the how-to tutorials from beauty vloggers below!

(Pssst! Did you try this look? We want to see! Share a pic of you rockin’ this cool ‘do with us on Twitter using the hashtag #YSBnowBeauty)

[All photos c/o Startraks]


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