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WOW: Sabrina Carpenter Knocks Out 4 Adele Songs


WOW: Sabrina Carpenter Knocks Out 4 Adele Songs

The 16-year-old’s been covering Adele since the age of 11 & we’ve got the vids!

We see Sabrina Carpenter slaying so much as Maya on Girl Meets World, that sometimes we forget she can SANG!!!! (FYI: sing = the ability to carry a tune, SANG = the ability to give #TeamYSBnow goosebumps.)

Okay, so a few days ago she released a cover of Adele’s “Hello,” and it was pretty dope. So we checked out some of her other covers and realized that Sabrina has been #TeamAdele for quite some time. Her first cover, “Set Fire To The Rain,” dates back to September of 2011, which means she was just 11 years old with pipes of a full-on pro. Two months later, posted her next cover, a rendition of “Rumour Has It,” where you’ll see her rocking the vocals AND a fabulous headband <insert wink emoji>

Fast forward to February of 2012. We’re not sure why she’s in Romania or why children are waving their hands in the background (lolz), but Sabrina’s performance of “Don’t You Remember” (recorded live) really showcases the purity of her voice and reveals that studio-enhanced vocals don’t do it any justice. 

A few weeks ago, Sabrina performed at a Christmas tree lighting in California and covered “Hello.” We watched it and were all, “HELLO? Hello? How are you only 16?!”

Based on her social media posts, it looks like Sabrina’s in the studio working on her sophomore album. And after spending our Sunday morning watching her slay on YouTube, we’re completely stoked to see what she’s got up her sleeve musically. In the meantime, we’ll be over here creepin’ on YouTube. Watch her four Adele covers below!

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