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You (Yes, You!) Can Audition to Be Mulan!


You (Yes, You!) Can Audition to Be Mulan!

This is NOT a drill, y’all

Let’s get down to business if you want to be… Mulan! (Should I do this entire post in song? No? Wait, come back.)

Okay, with the utmost seriousness, it is totally possible to audition to be one of the two leads in Disney’s live-action Mulan. Nina Henninger Casting recently posted a flyer on Facebook calling for applications. 

There are a FEW catches. To play Mulan or Chen, you have to be 18 by May 1, 2017, free from April to October, speak Mandarin fluently, be Chinese (obviously), and, you know, be totally down to live in China for filming while you do the coolest job ever.

If you meet those qualifications, go audition!! This could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Send your photo and resume to and you might be invited to audition. We could be writing about you on this website if you do.

Make your reflection show who you are inside and go audition–or share this post with friends who qualify. Good luck!

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