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#YSBnowEats: Happy National Pancake Day!


#YSBnowEats: Happy National Pancake Day!

See 10 celebs who are definitely celebrating one of our favorite food holidays

Happy National Pancake Day, #YSBnowFam!

From Annie LeBlanc to the Dolan bros, see which celebs can’t get enough of the sweet, savory, and syrupy breakfast food.

1. Harry Styles includes pancakes as part of his favorite edible trio:

2 & 3. But for Annie LeBlanc and Mads Lewis, pancakes are not just a meal; they’re ART. LOL!

4. Camila Cabello may have left Fifth Harmony, but her love for pancakes will be here forever!

5. Corey Fogelmanis slapped Sabrina Carpenter with a pancake once, proving that they’re definitely useful for more than just delicious breakfast.

6. Laura Marano loves to make banana pancakes! Teach us, Laura!

7. Ethan Dolan knows that pancakes are the perfect antidote to a bad day:

8. And Grayson wholeheartedly agrees:

9. Claudia Sulewski prefers not-so-short stacks in her epic brunches:

10. And last, but not least, is Rydel Lynch, who prefers the classic pancakes and eggs:

So how are you celebrating #NationalPancakeDay? We want these. So bad.

And also these:

And we wouldn’t mind celebrating with these!

Happy #NationalPancakeDay, y’all!

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