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6 Stars Who Got Their Start On Broadway


6 Stars Who Got Their Start On Broadway

See where Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas & more of your fave popstars got their on-stage start!

When we ask the biggest popstars how their fans can pursue a performing career, they don’t talk about practicing red carpet poses or perfecting your autograph. Instead, they advise you to hit the stage – the theatre stage, that is!

Here are 7 familiar faces who all got their start on Broadway – aka – The Great White Way.

1. Lea Michele

Before she sang into our hearts as Rachel on “Glee,” Lea Michele made her Broadway debut as Cossette in a 1995 production of “Les Misérables.” She also appeared in “The Diary of Anne Frank,” “Spring Awakening” & “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Listen to an 8-year-old Lea sing “Castle On A Cloud”:

2. Anna Kendrick

A 12-year-old Anna Kendrick played Dinah Lord in “High Society” in 1998 – a role for which she received a Tony Award nomination!

Here she is singing “Life Upon The Wicked Stage”

Fun fact: Anna’s first starring role was in the 2003 movie, “Camp,” which took place at the famous Stagedoor Manor musical theatre camp, whose famous alumni list includes Lea Michele & Ansel Elgort!

3. Nick Jonas

Nick started performing on Broadway when he was just 7 years old! The roles he played include Tiny Tim in “Christmas Carol,” Chip in “Beauty and the Beast” and Gavroche in “Les Misérables.”

Watch a pint-sized Nick perform a song from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” to help raise money for AIDS research:

OKAY, so remember how the 90’s show “Mickey Mouse Club” featured then-child actors Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling & Britney Spears? Well, the musical “13” is like the 2000’s Broadway version of that.

4. Ariana Grande played a cheerleader named Charlotte:

5. Alongside her future “Victorious” co-star Liz Gillies, who was cast as Lucy!

6. “13” was Max Schneider’s first big break, too: He was an understudy for four of the musical’s roles!

Thanks Broadway, for blessing us with some of our favorite artists!

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