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How to Dress Up a Crewneck Sweater: Ari Shows You!


How to Dress Up a Crewneck Sweater: Ari Shows You!

When it comes to style, Ariana Grande sure knows what she’s doing!

The petite songstress has a very unique sense of fashion, but that’s why we love it. Ari calls herself an “old soul” and has told us in the past that her wardrobe is inspired by fashion from the 1950s. Her biggest style icon is Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn, who is most famous from her film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Like Audrey, Ariana likes to keep her look classy and sophisticated, and she sticks to elegant hues, like baby pink, white and black.

What we love most about Ari’s style is that she can literally make anything look cute – she’s an expert at accessorizing.

Just take this look for example:

So how did the “thank u, next” singer make it look so dressy? Simple!

All she did was throw on a very oversized white crewneck sweater, turning it into a dress. You can copy this by buying a sweatshirt almost anywhere (like Walmart, Target, etc.) We suggest you look in the men’s/boy’s section, and buy a size 3-4 times the size you’d normally wear. Be sure to wear a pair of shorts underneath, or if its chilly outside, throw on a pair of leggings underneath.

Then, she simply styled it with a pair of her favorite comfy Crocs. Ari likes wearing heels, so she opts for thigh-high heeled boots, but you could literally wear any style of shoes to pull off the same look. Combat boots and ankle booties are just as cute!

Next, she added accessories: cute and cozy socks to match and a crossbody bag.

She finished the look by throwing her hair in a tight ponytail and sporting a winged eyeliner. So pretty!

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