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Beauty Basics: Shay Mitchell’s Horrifying Hair OMG!


Beauty Basics: Shay Mitchell’s Horrifying Hair OMG!

Seriously, don’t try this one at home!

So by now, you probably know that we usually tell you what you should do on our fun Beauty Basics column, but this week, we’re switching up the game and telling you what you DEFINITELY should not do, as told by Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell!

Bad hair days. We’ve all been there, right? It’s almost impossible to feel like your whole day might be ruined when you wake up and dislike how your tresses look in the morning, but don’t fret! It happens to the best of us… ALL. THE. TIME.

But we can’t imagine that any of you had a hair day quite as bad as the one Shay recently revealed!

While the experience was terrifying at the time, Shay can’t help but laugh at the hair horror story now.

“When I was about 12 years old, my best friend and I tried to straighten my hair with a clothing iron,” she remembered. “I was like, ‘Wow, let’s really get it straight,’ but I didn’t have all the fancy straightening irons that I have now.”

“So I went and used a good ol’ clothing iron,” she continued. “I told her to press harder because she wasn’t getting it straight enough. Suddenly, there was this horrible smell. It was my burnt hair that was half on the iron in a knot! I was traumatized. After that, I’m crazy about what I do to my hair.” 

Umm, we don’t blame ya, Shay! 

Today, she has a much better solution for taming her locks: “I like to use a lot of coconut oil, and let it just sit overnight. When I come out of the shower, I put my hair in a braid sometimes and I just let it air dry.”

The result? Beautiful, shiny, natural-looking (unburnt) hair!

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