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EXCLUSIVE: #SkincareSaturday with Lilimar!


EXCLUSIVE: #SkincareSaturday with Lilimar!

The “Bella & the Bulldogs” beauty spills her routine & top tips

Whether it’s wearing sunscreen or drinking lots of water, it’s so important to keep your skin healthy! In our newest column, #SkincareSaturday, a different celeb will share her tips and daily routine. First up, it’s Lilimar! 

YSBnow: Hey Lilimar! What’s your best advice for keeping your complexion clear and healthy?

Lilimar: Just keep your skin clean! My best tip would be to always keep your skin as fresh as possible. I clean my face 2-3 times a day, and whenever I wear makeup, I always make sure to take as much of it off with Clean & Clear wipes, and then I wash my face! Never good going to bed with makeup on!

YSBnow: What’s your daily skincare routine?

Lilimar: I do the same routine every morning and night! I wash my face with water and an Aloe Vera Bubble Cleanser from SkinFood! Before makeup I always apply Hydra Life Sorbet Cream from Dior. Gotta keep that $kin hydrated!! And when I take my makeup off, I use wipes from Clean & Clear! After makeup is off I use the bubble cleanser and Pre Biotics 7 once again 🙂 I also use a facial mask once every week! It’s fresh aloe and cucumber, ooooohhhh!

YSBnow: Do you have any favorite products?

Lilimar: One of my favorite skin care products is the Clean & Clear face scrub! It always makes my face feel free of everything and just so clean and ugghh! It’s life. I also LOVE the Aloe Vera Bubble Cleanser from a really cute shop named SkinFood that has a TON of amazing products! And they aren’t too expensive either! Yaaaay!

Hey #YSBnowFam, we wanna know your skincare routine & secrets. Tweet us @ysbnow and you could appear in our next edition of #SkincareSaturday!

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