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YSBnow Beauty Basics: Shay Mitchell


YSBnow Beauty Basics: Shay Mitchell

The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress is sharing her best skincare tips & tricks!

Shay Mitchell may appear flawless on screen as Emily in Pretty Little Liars, but the real-life Shay isn’t as perfect!

Just like us, Shay battles many imperfections, especially when it comes to her skin. That’s why she’s decided to team up with the skincare brand that she finds never fails: Bioré!

“Bioré has always been a part of my skincare routine,” she spills. “I’m a huge fan of the charcoal pore strips.”

The product she’s referring to are their deep-cleaning strips, which unclog pores and draw out excess oil, leaving your skin feeling fresh and super clean. They retail for about $6, and you can buy them at almost any drugstore, like Walmart

Another skincare tip from Shay? Drink lots of H2O and give your body some rest!

“It’s all about drinking water, and I work out a lot,” she reveals. “When I’m feeling good on the inside it does show on the outside on my skin. And it’s also about getting a lot of sleep — my skin has been a lot better lately cause I haven’t had those 4:30 am wake up calls to be on set.”

While Shay totally loves getting all glammed up for red carpets, when she’s just being her regular self, she likes keeping her look natural. 

“If I need a stain on my lips I’ll just cut up a beet and I use that, and it gives your lips a really pretty rose bud natural look,” she explains. “It’s a perfect color for anybody’s skin, and it lasts almost all day.”

Whoa, we’re so going to have to try that! Now we know why the rest of the PLL cast refer to her as the “go-to beauty gal.”

If you want to stay inspired by Shay 24/7, give her a follow on Instagram (@shaym) – her posts are all fashion & beauty related! See some examples below.


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