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EXCLUSIVE: Skincare Saturday with Sophie Reynolds!


EXCLUSIVE: Skincare Saturday with Sophie Reynolds!

The “Gamer’s Guide” star shares her top tips!

Whether it’s wearing sunscreen or drinking lots of water, it’s so important to keep your skin healthy! In our newest column, #SkincareSaturday, a different celeb will share her tips and daily routine. This week, it’s the stunning Sophie Reynolds!

YSBnow: What are your best tips for keeping your complexion clear and healthy?

Sophie: Wash your face!  Honestly this is my biggest tip.  I know cleaning your face all the time can feel like a drag, but aim for twice a day to really keep it clean. It really makes a difference. I use and love proactive products! Aside from that, I would say a healthy diet and lots of sleep is a big skin saver.

YSBnow: How do you cover up a bad pimple?

Sophie: For me, covering up a zit is all about concealer.  I don’t wear heavy foundation on a daily basis and I would not recommend doing that to just to cover up a zit. Heavy makeup can just irritate your skin more!  I use concealer mostly, but if I have a really stubborn zit, I use eye shadow primer as a base.  I put the primer on the zit before concealer because sometimes concealer can have issues sticking to a zit due to the dry texture of the skin.

YSBnow: What are some of your fave products?

Sophie: One of my favorite products that you can get at any drugstore are the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes!  These things are amazing.  I have tried so many different brands of makeup remover wipes and these definitely have worked the best for me. 

YSBnow: What are your thoughts on makeup?

Sophie: Makeup is such a tricky thing because I think especially when you first start wearing it, all you want to do is put on more.  So my biggest makeup tip is less is more! Especially when it comes to foundation.  Most of the time you don’t need any heavy or high coverage foundation when you first start wearing makeup.  This can just start to look caked on your face and it isn’t great for your skin either.  I use Bare Minerals foundation because I love how light it is on my face, but even tinted moisturizer and concealer can do the trick!  Also, always feel free to experiment with your makeup but remember, we wear makeup because we love wearing it, not because we need it!  We are all beautiful with or without makeup and I hope you always remember that!

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