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Go Behind The Scenes On R5’s Tour


Go Behind The Scenes On R5’s Tour

Wanna know how to make a Sour Patch Burger?

Remember the good old days of R5 TV all the time?! Ah yes, such good memories. Even though the band is a little too busy to keep up with that, behind the scenes tour videos are pretty much just as great. In the third exclusive look at the shenanigans that go down when they’re not on stage, Rocky eats a weird sour patch burger, Rydel blows a bubble with her gum, and much more!

Oh, also Riker is bringing back saying the word “not” after everything. Not.

You can watch it below for yourself and give it a thumbs up so they know to keep filming backstage videos!


If you missed the first two videos, you can watch them here and here!

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Lynch fam, Rydel is slaying on YouTube!

Ross and Rocky have been making new music as The Driver Era. Listen to “flashdrive” below.

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