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Zendaya Opens Up About Anxiety & Mental Health


Zendaya Opens Up About Anxiety & Mental Health

“My brain always goes to the worst possible scenario”

“My brain always goes to the worst possible scenario”

Chances are, you follow many of your favorite stars on social media because they know *just* what to say when you’re feeling down. Maybe they have an exciting new project out to entertain you when you need something fun, or maybe their super relatable tweets make you feel like you could really be best friends IRL.

Zendaya knows all about it: The star is funny, wise, supportive, and more, and loves sharing those sides of herself with her fans on social media. She also knows just how important it is for stars with a platform like her to speak out about the importance of self-care.

“I think definitely there’s been, at least amongst my peers, a certain [emphasis] on not just mental health but self-care and opening up to other experiences,” Zendaya shared. “That, in turn, makes you feel like you’re not alone if you are dealing with it. It makes you feel heard and not so isolated.”

It’s great to feel supported by a community of people, whether it’s your friends at school or a fandom online. But Zendaya also wants her followers to know how critical it can be to find another outlet all for yourself that helps you thrive.

“I tweet things like, ‘Hey, go take care of yourself and check in on your friends,'” she said. “You can tell that to people all you want, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually going to be able to do it. A lot of people say you should try yoga or you should try [other specific things]. Some of those things just don’t work sometimes.”

What may work best for Zendaya may not be the perfect fit for you, and part of the self-care journey is finding what makes you feel your best.

“My brain always goes to the worst possible scenario, so sometimes I don’t actually enjoy how big and exciting things are,” Zendaya said. “Sometimes I feel amazing for a long time and then it hits you, and it’s like, This is rising. I can’t describe it. I feel awful. And then you gotta figure out how to get over it, and then everything’s great again.”

It’s so important to get through those moments, and talking to someone you trust, like a teacher or aunt, writing in a diary, listening to your favorite music, or even going for a walk can really help you cope with those moments when you feel like everything’s going wrong. And it’s so refreshing to hear that even Zendaya has to deal with them. “Take the time to get to know who you are, take the time to love yourself, and everything will be all right,” she says.

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