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Ariana Posts Hilarious Wisdom Teeth Video


Ariana Posts Hilarious Wisdom Teeth Video

If you’ve never had your wisdom teeth removed, it’s a little like this…

Ariana Grande is arguably the best popstar when it comes to interacting with her fans on social media. She’s always tweeting back to them, she’s constantly updating her Snapchat story, and she shares intimate details of her life- like getting her wisdom teeth removed. If you’ve never had yours removed, the process is really crazy. You have to be put to sleep so they can remove them, and when you wake up you have no idea what’s going on! Few celebs have shared their experiences, but Ari shared hers on Instagram in 2015!

The hilarious video shows Ari giggling and having a bunch of tubes put inside her mouth! No fun, but definitely funny to watch afterwards. You can check out Ari’s Instagram video below.

Photos and video courtesy of @arianagrande on Instagram

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This video has over 4 million views on YouTube!

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